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Published poet, author, curator and advocate. Interested in using the history of America's industrial cities, urban planning and development patterns, and local and regional governance issues, in service of civic causes.  

(Right: books authored by Janet Anderson, used in fundraising campaigns for civic causes.)


Accomplished in strategic planning, organizational development, business process improvement and performance measurement for the public and not-for-profit sectors, with a PhD and 25 years experience in city services and public policy.

(Top and Left: Vitae of work experience, publications, and professional activities.)


Experienced panelist, tour guide, facilitator, commentator and public speaker. Skilled with slideshows, powerpoints, radio, town halls and other media. It's all about America's Great Cities.

(Below: public presentations to 2013 City of Detroit Charter Commission and U of M Ford School of Public Policy)

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Resume/vitae (Technical reports available upon request):

"Restructuring Local Government," State and Local Government Review, 2011

Exhibit in support of annual lecture given at U of M Ford School of Public Policy: 

Civic Causes Supported (pro bono):

Professional Services Provided:

Contributions for the following accepted through paypal. 3-5 day standard shipping included. 

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Reports to 2010 Detroit City Charter Commission advocating organizational reform:

Exhibit created to launch Mayor Bing's Office of Restructuring.

"Policy Analysts Support Operational Decisions", Government Finance Review, Dec 2006

Walks and Talks Across the Great Cities ($22)
Island in the City (Belle Isle) ($15)
Autobiography of the City ($15)

112 page full color book tells how Detroit's Belle Isle and 19th century parks changed us forever. With 100+ images, the Friends of Belle Isle released this for Detroit's tricentennial, selling 3000+. PROCEEDS TO BELLE ISLE CONSERVANCY

256 page journey across the 12 cities that built America with mixed use, connected streets and density. The author walked 500 miles in day hikes, and brings deep professorial insight and passion. PROCEEDS TO GAELIC LEAGUE OF DETROIT.

108 page prose and poetry highlighting "The American Century." Organized in three generations of an eastside Detroit family, this history analyzes sweeping change in America. ALL PROCEEDS: DETROITIST PUBLISHING. 

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